The British School - المدرسة البريطانية

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The British School Al-Rehab came about as part of the infrastructure for the new city of Al-Rehab, a private development by the Talaat Moustafa Group on the Suez Road approximately five kilometres east of Cairo International Airport.

It was felt that for the city to be a success, infrastructure such as shops, food outlets, medical facilities, transportation and education should be available from the very start of the project.

Consequently the school opened to coincide with the first residents moving into Al-Rehab around the middle of the year 2000. In the beginning there were around 37 student, 5 teachers and 3 buses.

The school quickly grew and by the end of the academic year 2003 had some 400 students 20+ teachers, 15 buses and a growing Secondary School facility. Students came not only from Al-Rehab, but from the nearby suburbs of Maadi, Heliopolis, Nasser City, Shorouk and downtown Cairo.

The owner of the city Mr Hisham Talaat firmly believed that it was the school which helped dramatically increase the population of the city in the mid ‘noughties’ and the city continues to grow and at present, it is very difficult to find a new available property to buy.

The management of the school changed in the 2006 academic year, the school undergoing a rapid change of heart with new staff and a more focused direction.

The school now has a student population of nearly 1000 students with around about 90 academic staff and a substantial contingent of support staff.

The future looks very bright and with the opening of the new school in the brand new City of Madinaty, first class International Education is alive and well in this part of New Cairo.